About Me

Who is the Right Brain Cook?

The world is full of organised chefs, expert cooks and masters of the kitchen. I’m not one of them.

An expert at diverting from the recipe, being impatient with measuring quantities, forgetting the pot on the hot stove and getting that experiment spectacularly wrong – C’EST MOI, Christine.

My head is filled with beautiful, noisy, colourful ideas; darting off in all directions. I’ve a powerful addiction to cookbooks; also an insatiable curiosity for useless knowledge such as how to conjure up yeast from thin air. For me, cooking is like painting with tastes, colours, smells, textures, experiences…

I’m calling out to my tribe!! The time has come to stand tall in the kitchen, and raise the spoons! We are the Right Brain Cooks!

P.S. My best food often happens when I’m faced with the challenge of only a few ingredients, and some unusual combinations to play with. Mostly I can’t remember what on earth all went in there, but I’m now making an effort to write it down while still fresh in my mind. So I can share it with you!

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