Who is the Right Brain Cook?

My name is Christine, and I’m a Right Brain Cook. I love cooking for my family and friends, often using them as guinea-pigs to try out the cuisines of far-flung lands and imaginary kingdoms. I’m also an illustrator and graphic designer.

I’m an expert at burning the rice, diverting from the recipe, being impatient with measuring quantities, forgetting the salt and getting that experiment spectacularly wrong. I seriously suspect I have ADD.

But when I get it right, my food is delicious. It is, my lab mice told me so.

Here I try to put together in a coherent fashion – easy for me and other like-minded cooks to take in with a glance or two – the principles, skills and tips I pick up along the way. Preferably nicely drawn, photographed, cartooned, video-ed, illustrated and mind-mapped!

Join me in my ongoing journey of growing into a cook that can create mouthwatering tasty food EVEN WITHOUT A RECIPE. Hopefully every time!